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Commentaire de: Owen [Visiteur]

I'm attempting to use Acegi with a login.jsp. But have been unable to get either a login.jsp, or a login.hml page to render in hosted mode. (Either directly or after the Acegi filter redirects after failing to find valid credentials.)

The GWTShell seems to be attempting to locate a module for the jsp/html, rather than just letting Tomcat render the jsp.

Did you have to do anything to get the login.html to render in hosted mode?

Any help would be much appreciated.
06.06.07 @ 15:15
Commentaire de: Bruno Marchesson [Membre] Email
Hello Owen,

The login.html page must be in the GWT 'public' folder, so the embedded Tomcat server can find it.

08.06.07 @ 15:04
Commentaire de: Stephane [Visiteur]

Is there the same kind of framework working with php?

Thank you for your help!
02.07.07 @ 00:06
Commentaire de: David law [Visiteur] · http://www.sony-conferencing.com
Great Stuff Sanjiv! I added handler on failure to actually submit the form... just in-case ajax call fails, the form will still be submitted. Of course, the jsp error and message handler must exist.
12.07.07 @ 08:53

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